News Roundup: How 5G Might Come About

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Friday, August 25, 2017 with No comments
Consider 5G. Likely, this next generation of mobile networks will be built in stages, with fiber and fixed wireless access being among the components that make it possible. Here are six recent news articles that illustrate this probability, imagining how an operator might succeed with 5G and what exactly designates a 5G technology. Plus: network slicing need not wait for 5G. 

5G is not just a radio: Welcome to the fibre-tastic new mobile worldThe full benefits of 5G are only achievable with a full architecture change, not just a radio upgrade. Many changes, like virtualization, can be phased in gradually. | The Register article.

5G realities
5G isn't going to appear by magic; it will be built in stages, and when done will be an enormous, complex structure—like a massive office building with elaborate interconnected systems. |
Telecom Ramblings article.

Why wait for 5G to benefit from network slicing?
Network slicing, widely associated with 5G, enables operators to enhance operational efficiency and reduce time-to-market for new services. Why wait for 5G to realize these benefits, though? | RCR Wireless article

The business case for 5G fixed wireless access
Fixed wireless access is real, and has a real business case, for operators big and small. Example: Alphabet subsidiary Google Fiber acquired service provider WebPass, which extensively uses Siklu E and V band radios to deliver multi-gigabit throughput over 60/70/80GHz millimeter wave. | RCR Wireless article

How 5G broke and also saved the telco
Imagine it's 2030. How might a mobile network operator have leveraged 5G to succeed, despite that deployment nearly spelling ruin for the company? | The Mobile Network article

5G or not 5G?
What makes a technology 5G, or not? It's not always at clear-cut as you might think. | The Mobile Network article.

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