What's New on the Road to 5G? | Trending Network News | October 1, 2016

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Trending Network News is back with an update on Verizon's virtualization and 5G plans, a look at the evolution of big data and analytics, the impact and challenges of new networking technologies like NFV and SDN, and that recurring question: when will 5G 'arrive'?

Verizon Reveals Items on Its Virtualization Roadmap
For Verizon, SD-WAN is the low-hanging fruit of its enterprise virtualization offerings. The operator has plans to add more virtualized service soon, including session border controllers as-a-service, and virtual probes. | Article by SDxCentral.

Verizon CFO: Eat Our (Fixed) 5G Dust!
The old adage about keeping your enemies (or, at least, competitors) close applies to Verizon's strategy in the fixed wireless 5G space: the operator struck recent deals with Comcast and Charter Communications, playing the role of wholesaler. | Article by Light Reading.   

The Evolution of Big Data & Analytics
The evolution of subscriber data management, coupled with analytics, points to a future where it will be possible to holistically analyze any network data in real time to determine how it impacts the customer experience. | Article by Light Reading

How new networking technologies will impact the services landscape
Over the next few years, the MEF's drive toward more agile, 'Third Network' services, coupled with new technologies like NFV, SDN, and LSO, will have significant impact on the services landscape for cable MSOs and other communications service providers. | Article by TelecomTV.  

What’s Still Good, Bad & Ugly About NFV
The development and deployment of NFV is a mixed bag of good, bad, and ugly. For example, one concern is still that there are to many open source consortiums working on the technology--perhaps an inevitable result of open source taking over the development process from the start, rather than waiting for standards. | Article by SDxCentral.  

5G: Truth or Dare?
When will the next generation of networks actually become commercially viable? Don’t hold your breath. | Article by Light Reading.

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