Operators Embrace 5G, IoT | Trending Network News | October 22, 2016

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In this edition of Trending Network News, we focus on news from the week that illustrates varying approaches operators are taking to 5G and the Internet of Things. For example, AT&T outlined its vision for 5G networks using millimeter wave technology, T-Mobile noted that it's on the cusp of launching narrowband IoT in the Netherlands, and recent moves by Verizon indicate that carrier's confidence in the IoT market. Meanwhile, Orange and Telefonica in Brazil are taking a bit of a slower approach to NB-IoT and 5G. Plus: Comcast launches its own media technology business. 

AT&T outlines 5G network architecture
At the Texas Wireless Summit, AT&T demonstrated its 5G network technology with Ericsson, and outlined its vision for 5G networks using millimeter wave technology. | Article by Small Cell Hub

T-Mobile to launch NB-IoT network in major cities across the Netherlands
Next week, T-Mobile plans to launch its narrowband IoT network in several major Netherlands cities, including Amsterdam. | Article by RCR Wireless

Verizon IoT moves show confidence in the market
Recent moves by Verizon indicates the carrier's confidence in the IoT market. | Article by RCR Wireless

Orange network chief says no NB-IoT services till 2018
Orange says it won't launch LTE-based (NB-IoT) commercial services until 2018, because although the network will be ready before then, the ecosystem (devices, apps, service) won't. | Article by The Mobile Network article

Telefonica claims Brazil will have 5G after 2022; focuses on refarming 1.8 GHz
In Brazil, 5G isn't currently the highest priority for Telefonica. The operator predicts 5G won't arrive there until at least 2022, and in the meantime is focusing on other things--such as improving broadband quality and refarming spectrum to support LTE. | Article by RCR Wireless. 

Comcast Intros a Whole New Kind of Bundle

Comcast's new Technology Solutions division combines the former Wholesale, thePlatform and This Technology business units, effectively creating the company's own media technology business. | Article by Light Reading

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