Carriers, Vendors Close in on 5G | Trending Network News | September 3, 2016

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The march toward 5Gwhich inevitably involves software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and the Internet of Things (IoT)continues, even if there are some bumps in the road. This week, Verizon's chief IT and networks architect ruminated on lessons learned from the carrier's SDN and NFV initiatives, Ericsson announced an upcoming 5G radio, SK Telecom continued its focus on IoT investment, and Verizon committed to using LTE CAT-M as the main technology for its IoT applications. Also: the FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction hit a snag (overpriced spectrum, perhaps?) and competition heated up for a fourth operator in Singapore. 

What Verizon Learned From Implementing SDN & NFV
Verizon's 20/20 hindsight around its SDN and NFV initiatives so far touch on insights into the role of people, processes, and technology. | Article by SDxCentral

Ericsson says will have first 5G New Radio in 2017
Ericsson is on track for 2017 commercial launch of a mobile network radio that aligns with the 3GPP's 5G New Radio development path. | Article by The Mobile Network

SKT Gets Deeper Into IoT Game
SK Telecom is throwing its weight into IoT, with recent rollout of a LoRaWAN network covering 99% of South Korea's population, and is spending 100 billion Korean won ($89 million) on the network, platform, and apps from now till end of 2017. | Article by Light Reading.

Verizon Commits to LTE CAT-M for IoT
Claiming it will be the first U.S. operator to do so, Verizon plans to deploy LTE Category M1-based IoT applications throughout its network by end of 2016. | Article by SDxCentral.

What now for FCC 600 MHz incentive auction?
The FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction proceedings were unexpectedly halted this week, because bidding activity dropped below level needed to continue. This lowers the amount of spectrum targeted for availability to the mobile telecom space. | Article by Small Cell Hub.

Three carriers to compete for new mobile license in Singapore
Competition is heating up in an upcoming spectrum auction that will create a fourth mobile operator in Singapore. | Article by RCRWireless.

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