AT&T, Verizon March Ahead with 5G-Related Plans | Trending Network News | September 10, 2016

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In this edition of Trending Network News, we start with a general look at how 5G is changing the relationship between telcos and vertical market industries. Then, we check in on two of the major U.S. mobile carriers: From AT&T, plans to test drones on its LTE network, the philosophy behind its release of the ECOMP platform to open source, and an argument against 5G network sharing among operators. From Verizon, plans to roll out a low-power Internet of Things network by end of 2016, and an explanation as to why its 5G specification won't lead to industry fragmentation.  

Get ready for Industry 5G: telcos prepare to meet the Vertical challenge
5G represents a watershed in the relationship between telcos and vertical market industries. | Article by TelecomTV.

AT&T to test drones on LTE with Qualcomm
AT&T is teaming up with Qualcomm to test how drones can operate safely and securely on commercial LTE and future 5G networks. | Article by RCRWireless. 

Why AT&T has released its ECOMP platform to open source
What's behind AT&T's move to release its ECOMP platform to open source? Is this an indicator of telcos wanting more control over standards development? How does this tie in with the MEF's Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) project? | Article by TelecomTV

AT&T Exec: 5G Network Sharing Is a Terrible Idea
Should operators in the U.S. consider sharing some of their 5G network infrastructure with each other to get the next generation of network technology off the ground faster? AT&T thinks not. | Article by SDxCentral

Verizon Says Its 5G Specifications Won’t Lead To Fragmentation
Earlier this summer, Verizon released its own 5G specification, but says the move won't cause fragmentation of the deployment of pre-standardized 5G gear. | Article by SDxCentral

Verizon plans to roll out a low-power IoT network by the end of the year
Verizon plans to introduce LTE CAT-M, a network application for IoT solutions, across its network by end of the year. | Article by SmallCellHub

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