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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Accedian in the News

If you're following Accedian's growth, solutions, and contribution to conferences and industry organizations, you'll want to see who's been taking note in the media.

Here are the articles we've seen from the past few weeks:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mobile Operators Reinventing Workforces with Virtualization in Mind

Mobile operators are in the (albeit early) stages of shifting their networks from hardware-driven to software-based deployments. This requires not just rethinking technology used and how it’s implemented, but the skill set of the organization’s human resources. It’s akin to an individual worker changing careers and having to determine what skills they need to acquire to get a job in the new field. Mobile Europe explored this dynamic in a recent article, citing insights from operators and vendors alike into the impact of virtualization on organizational structures and workforces. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

AT&T, Verizon March Ahead with 5G-Related Plans | Trending Network News | September 10, 2016

In this edition of Trending Network News, we start with a general look at how 5G is changing the relationship between telcos and vertical market industries. Then, we check in on two of the major U.S. mobile carriers: From AT&T, plans to test drones on its LTE network, the philosophy behind its release of the ECOMP platform to open source, and an argument against 5G network sharing among operators. From Verizon, plans to roll out a low-power Internet of Things network by end of 2016, and an explanation as to why its 5G specification won't lead to industry fragmentation.  

Friday, September 9, 2016

'Best Execution' for Financial Trades: Network Costs, User Experience, and Other Factors

Financial services firms and the network operators that serve them are heavily focused on the impact of MiFID II regulations, now set to go into effect in Europe early in 2018, with ripple effects around the globe. MiFID II, noted WatersTechnology in a recent article on the topic, is largely about ‘best execution:’ getting financial trades completed in the best way for investors, while taking into account variables like venue, speed, and price. What factors impact execution in markets outside Europe and the U.S.Asia, for exampleand how does this relate to network performance and operating costs? Keep reading. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Closer Look: Service Assurance for Virtualized Networks

So far, 2016 is proving to be a transitional year for mobile network operators and their use of performance assurance tools, as they make the move toward 5G and virtualization through C-RAN, virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE), and other software-focused solutions. That was the overall conclusion reached during a recent conversation between Scott Sumner, VP of Strategic Marketing at Accedian, and Dan Meyer, Editor-in-Chief of Telecom Software, Policy, and Wireless Carriers at RCRWireless News. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Carriers, Vendors Close in on 5G | Trending Network News | September 3, 2016

The march toward 5Gwhich inevitably involves software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and the Internet of Things (IoT)continues, even if there are some bumps in the road. This week, Verizon's chief IT and networks architect ruminated on lessons learned from the carrier's SDN and NFV initiatives, Ericsson announced an upcoming 5G radio, SK Telecom continued its focus on IoT investment, and Verizon committed to using LTE CAT-M as the main technology for its IoT applications. Also: the FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction hit a snag (overpriced spectrum, perhaps?) and competition heated up for a fourth operator in Singapore.