What's in a Name? The Meaning of Accedian

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 with No comments

Every company name has a story behind it, and ours is no exception. If you've ever wondered the full story behind "Accedian," with its fairly obvious "upward" connotations (e.g. "ascend"), here's a short explanation from our Founder and CEO, Patrick Ostiguy. 

Accedian is an adjective derived from the verb "to accede," which has two meanings:
  1. The action of granting agreement. "I accede to your request." 
  2. Being elevated to a higher level. "Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne of England." 
Accedian is also a derivative from the Spanish verb accedar, or the French verb acceder, which mean "getting access to."

Put the two together, and Accedian means: "network visibility/insight that enables a higher level of performance."

Our brand circle, shown above, sums up the relationship between network visibility, network control, user experience, and competitive differentiation.