Video: 5G Technology and Use Cases

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 with No comments

At 5G World 2016 in London, major infrastructure players were keen to showcase their latest 5G-ready technology, and there was plenty of debate about use cases and services. Guy Daniels, Director of Content at TelecomTV, interviewed Accedian's Henrik Nydell, Senior Product Manager, as well as representatives from TIM, Nokia, Qualcomm Europe, and Oracle, for insights into 5G and what it means for the industry. 

Accedian’s Henrik Nydell, Senior Product Manager, explored why traditional network assurance solutions used in 3G and 4G networks won’t cut it with 5G, and how virtualized solutions are closing the gap.

"Typical 3G and 4G network assurance is based on different types of probes that you locate at points of interest in the network," Nydell explained in the video. "For 5G, this will have to change. The infrastructure of a 5G network will be virtual machines talking to each other, delivering packets between themselves. There is no way inject physical probes in a 5G transport network."

He added: "The increased capacity of all the links, all the bandwidth going through, makes it virtually impossible to instrument such a network with physical devices."

Accedian has, since the inception of its first solutions a decade ago, envisioned an evolution to software-based performance assurance solutions. This evolution is well underway, resulting in virtual machines that do analysis of packets in the network, but also testing, probing, and ensuring latency is within track, among other functions.

Nydell noted that these virtual solutions are commercially available now, in use by operators preparing their path into 5G. It's not too soon, "because even in a 4G network you can make use of software-based solutions."

Watch the full video for more insights about 5G use cases, including wirelessly coordinated robots in factories, and remote medical surgery.