Olympics Illustrate 4G LTE, 5G Challenges & Opportunities | Trending Network News | August 13, 2016

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After a summer vacation hiatus, Trending Network News is back with an Olympics edition of sorts. First up, the question of how operators can better prepare for major live events like the one now underway in Rio. Then, a look at opportunities and challenges associated with network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN), and DevOps. Finally, an update on how a few providers are adapting their networks to better serve customers: AT&T Labs' work on 5G gear, T-Mobile's focus on growing its 4G LTE coverage, and China Mobile's ongoing base station expansion. 

Reader Forum (Olympics Edition): Are service providers Rio-ready?
Large, live events like the Olympics tax the capabilities of mobile networks, but operators can take steps--such as deploying a visibility fabric, vital as networks become virtualized--to mitigate this effect. | Article by RCR Wireless News.

NFV and SDN investment looks strong, though service assurance remains crux
While network operators continue to invest in NFV and SDN, service assurance for virtualized services remains a work in progress, and therefore a significant concern. | Article by RCR Wireless News

How telecom operators should approach devops
As part of the transition to virtualized networks, operators are adopting the DevOps approach. To succeed, though, they must break down silors, provide the right tools, and commit to ongoing assessment and flexibility. | Article by RCR Wireless News

AT&T Labs Is Building Its Own 5G Gear for Trials
Instead of relying on vendors for all its 5G equipment and software, AT&T Labs is building millimeter wave gear to be used in the carrier's 5G trials. | Article by SDxCentral

T-Mobile Aims to Match Verizon 4G Coverage, Not Big on Fixed 5G
T-Mobile is on a mission to match Verizon's 4G LTE coverage, but is waiting on mobility solutions expected in 2019 or 2020 rather than investing now in early 5G networks for fixed broadband to the home. | Article by Small Cell Hub

China Mobile adds 200,000 4G base stations so far in 2016
China Mobile is on a roll with expanding its network, ending the first half of 2016 with more than 200,000 new 4G base stations, many covering indoor metro areas. | Article by RCR Wireless News

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