Trending: Network Performance News This Week, June 26-July 2, 2016

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With 5G World this week in London, this week's roundup of telecom news is a good chance to take the temperature of 5G and related topics (Internet of Things/IoT, small cells, NFV, cloud): How are things progressing with 5G standards? How do carriers expect to make money from early 5G rollouts? What'a happening with wireless spectrum for 5G? Just how many IoT devices will be connected by 5G, and what does that mean for networks? Who will own and manage small cells infrastructure? How is network functions virtualization (NFV) and cloud changing core network licensing models?

First 5G Radio Spec Will be Available in June 2018, 3GPP says
The timeline for 5G standards got a little clearer with 3GPP's announcement it expects to have the first 5G radio spec available in June 2018. SDxCentral article

Operators: Consumers the strongest 5G use case
Noting that telcos are mostly a consumer-oriented industry, several mobile carriers said consumers are the strongest use case for early 5G rollouts. RCR Wireless article

5G, internet of things forcing spectrum rethink
In the mobile telecom market's race toward 5G and IoT, wireless spectrum remains a hot topic. RCR Wireless article

Reality Check: 50B IoT devices connected by 2020 – beyond the hype and into reality
How many devices will really be connected by 2020? And if even conservative estimates are correct, how will that work? RCR Wireless article

A shared infrastructure model for small cell networks
By 2020, Small Cells Forum predicts only about 20 percent of small cells will be fully managed by mobile operators. RCR Wireless article

Analyst Angle: NFV and cloud driving changes in core network licensing modelsAs operators move toward NFV, SDN, and cloud architecture, it's inevitable that licensing models will need to adapt to new deployment methods. RCR Wireless article

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