Trending: Network Performance News This Week, June 19-25, 2016

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Saturday, June 25, 2016 with No comments

This week's roundup of telecom news looks at some of the latest developments around network functions virtualization (NVF), software defined networking (SDN), network testing, 5G, NB-IOT standards, and the internet of things (IoT): the role of OPNFV in accelerating NFV deployments, where and why NFV is already being rolled out, how network testing has changed in the past year, the FCC's plans for high-band spectrum licensing, 3GPP's standardization of NB-IOT, and the operator business case (or lack thereof) for IoT. 

Operators View OPNFV as Key to NFV Success, Finds Survey
In a survey of network operators' perceptions of the in-development platform, OPNFV Project found that the open source system is poised to deliver on its promise to accelerate NFV. Light Reading article

A Look at Key SDN Deployments
While the SDN market is taking longer do develop than hoped, the technology is being targeted for some pragmatic uses cases in both service provider and enterprise networks. SDxCentral article

Amdocs: Network testing on the increase
Sixty-five percent of network operators are doing more network testing than they were a year ago, focused not only on 4G and radio access but also Wi-Fi, VoLTE, NFV, and SDN. RCR Wireless article

The FCC is about to take a big step to superfast 5G networks
Although details are still lacking around how the proposal would work, the FCC during its July 14 meeting plans to vote on opening up 14GHz of high-band spectrum for unlicensed wireless use. InfoWorld article

3GPP completes the standardisation of NB-IOT for Rel-13
3GPP has completed its long-awaited work on standardization of NB-IOT, a new narrowband radio technology intended to support IoT deployments by cellular operators. Changed have been incorporated into Release 13. Telecom TV article

Researcher: The internet of things won’t make operators any money
Contrary to mainstream thinking on the matter, New Street Research found that the telecom operator business case for IoT doesn't add up. RCR Wireless article