Microbursts Hit Mobile Backhaul, Impact QoE

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 with No comments
As mobile network operators begin rolling out pre-standards 5G networks, they're observing new interdependencies between what used to be fairly straightforward backhaul metrics, measurements, and performance criteria. Coordinated multipoint aggregation and increasingly complex coordination to deliver effective throughput are the cause of these emerging relationships between what used to be uncoupled metrics. 

For example, there have been instances where microbursts in network traffic impair flows even when there's utilization as low as 20-30 percent. When these little bursts occur, they can take down VoLTE calls and cause other significant quality of experience (QoE) impairments.

At first glance, it isn't obvious what's happening because, looking at network performance averages, everything looks fine. Nonetheless, these microbursts are affecting QoE, given the 'chatty' nature of LTE Advanced.  

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Operators are responding to these changes by installing end-to-end instrumentation capable of monitoring what's going on in real-time (e.g. every 30 seconds) with sub-second resolution.


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