Trending: Network Performance News This Week, April 17-23, 2016

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This week's roundup of telecom news is focused mainly on virtualization: its role in laying the groundwork for 5G, how it's being used by IT organizations, and what steps are emerging as crucial for developing NFV strategies. Plus: the impact of small cells on network testing, and the growing importance of proactive analytics, profit per user, and quality of experience (QoE). 

Verizon: Virtualization Is Laying the Ground Work for 5G
In the journey toward deploying 5G, network virtualization is a key step. SDxCentral article.

NFV: Not Just For Service Providers
For several years, enterprise IT organizations have been implementing NFV, for things like WAN optimization controllers and and application delivery controllers. NetworkComputing article

The Key Steps to NFV Success
Although each operator is different, there are eight steps all should take when developing and implementing an NFV strategy. Light Reading article

3 ways small cells are changing network testing
Small cells are having a big impact on network testing, influencing several key areas including self-organizing networks (SONs), interoperability, and fiber. RCRWireless article.  

Why machine learning is the new BI
New big data sources, such as IoT devices, are shifting the focus of business intelligence from reactive analytics to proactive analytics. CIO article

Analyst Angle: It’s about APPU and QoE, not ARPU
The traditional "average revenue per user" metric is becoming less relevant to the success of operators, superseded by average profit per user (APPU) and QoE. RCRWireless article