Trending: Network Performance News This Week, March 27-April 2, 2016

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This week's roundup of telecom news explores network aggregation as exemplified by Google Fi, why a new delivery method is needed for video and what that means for mobile networks, hype and reality around network functions virtualization (NFV), reality check on the growth of small cell deployments, and a look at how Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting mobile network operator roadmaps. 

Analyst Angle: Google Project Fi – the start of wireless network aggregation
With its Fi service, Google is acting as a super carrier, aggregating individual carrier network and Wi-Fi capacity. This could be a harbinger of the future. RCR Wireless article

Reader Forum: Video – the traditional delivery model is tapped out
Video has crushed the internet, causing especially severe pain in mobile networks. It can no longer be delivered using the traditional model; instead, supply side and demand side must be reconfigured in a way to avoid harming the user experience. RCR Wireless article

Perceptions of NFV Hype and Reality
Is NFV the next trillion-dollar market, poised to rescue providers and network operators from proprietary hardware, or all just marketing hocus pocus? The reality lies somewhere in-between. SDxCentral article

IHS: Small cell rollouts grew in 2015, but still form tiny part of RAN market
Significant growth in small cell deployments during 2015 is good news, but the technology still remains a tiny portion of the global 2G/3G RAN market. Fierce Wireless article

Reality Check: IoT success strategies – think business, not technology
The ultimate business requirement of any project is to generate a return on that effort. IoT is not exception. RCR Wireless article

IoT's Year Zero
Having already disrupted the 4G roadmap, IoT is poised to be front and center in the telecom industry over the next five years. Light Reading article

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