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During the first quarter of 2016, we added quite a few new items to the library on our website. The following partial list of white papers, videos, and other thought leadership pieces from the past three months illustrate our commitment to understanding the needs of telecom operators and service providers, and to exploring how evolving technology is changing the market.

Enjoy! And please share with others who might be interested.

Infographic: 5G QoE - Under Siege?
This infographic explores the rise of network complexity and how operators are responding by building autonomous networks that optimize themselves, second-by-second. Automation—driven by insight gained through end-to-end network visibility—is necessary if operators are to delight subscribers with exceptional 5G user experience. QoE is the new differentiator.Infographic: 5G Smart Networks - IoT and the Connected Car

This infographic explores a specific 5G/IoT case studythe connected carto illustrate how harnessing the power of intelligent 5G networks will reap rewards and offer a wealth of opportunities to harvest revenue and loyalty. Those rewards are dependent on omniscient visibility into subscriber behavior, context and per-service performance, supported by a network that organizes itself to spin up services on the fly.

White Paper: Mobile Networks QoE

In this Core Analysis white paper, authored for Accedian, Patrick Lopez explores market dynamics as QoE rapidly becomes the major battlefield upon which network operators and content providers will differentiate and win consumers’ trust. Quality of Experience requires a richly instrumented network, with feedback telemetry woven through its fabric to anticipate, detect, measure any potential failure.

White Paper: 5G Mobile QoE

The global mobile industry is uniting behind the 5G dream: a network capable of seamlessly delivering any application or service, regardless of bandwidth requirement, with perfect quality of experience (QoE), anytime, anyplace, anywhere. A fully functioning personal network on tap. The first step towards realizing this vision is visibility. Complete QoE insight is not only foundational for 5G, it’s also a prerequisite to making the transition.

To reach customer sites, operators often must rely on a third party, last-mile access provider. Without an on-premises demarcation device, however, this creates a blind-spot for end-to-end performance and SLA assurance. Many service providers currently deploy a network interface device (NID) plugged in back-to-back with the access provider’s on- premises NID.

Solution Brief: VoLTE QoE

To leverage the VoLTE opportunity, operators must deliver assured, end-to-end network QoS to support their services: from user equipment all the way to gateways in the EPC. But, without a cost-efficient method to tap all points of interest in the network — from eNodeB to EPC and all points in between—it has been impractical to to gain visibility beyond the core. Accedian’s FlowBROKER solution closes that gap by making distributed packet capture feasible and affordable.

Sandvine’s leading voice over LTE (VoLTE) analysis is enhanced by Accedian’s FlowBROKER™ remote packet capture solution, resulting in ubiquitous quality of experience (QoE) visibility from any vantage point in the mobile network.

Video: Light Reading Interview - Accedian's Performance Assurance Role in Network Modernization
Accedian CEO Patrick Ostiguy and Light Reading Founder/CEO Steve Saunders discuss how the latest network performance assurance products can help service providers differentiate themselves by delivering a variety of services over a multi-vendor network, with exceptional quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE)–rather than competing on price.