IoT Now: Memories of the Future From Mobile World Congress 2016

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Friday, April 29, 2016 with No comments

In a Mobile World Congress 2016 recap, published in the Apr/May 2016 issue (pages 50-51), IoT Now Magazine noted that the event is now about far more than cellular networks and handsets, and that Internet of Things-related messaging was quite ubiquitous. Of course, though, IoT is having and will have a profound impact on mobile networks. 

The article features comments from a diverse sampling of vendors, representing the broad influence of IoT. Among them was Scott Sumner, Accedian's VP of Strategic Marketing, who noted that for operators, IoT unfortunately does not come in a one-size-fits-all package. 

"Some apps are ‘chatty’, some stream at a regular rate, and many use proprietary protocols," Sumner observed. "This enormous variation is incredibly challenging and operators must strike a real-time balance between the different traffic types in their ever more complex networks - at a time when quality of experience is more than ever becoming an operator’s prime differentiator.”

Read the full article for more from Sumner and others in the industry as they reflect on what's ahead for IoT. 

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