8 Steps to Conquering NFV Level 1

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2016 is the year of network functions virtualization (NFV), predicts Light Reading in its new report, "NFV Coming, Ready or Not!" By that, it means this is the year all operators, even those that have been taking (or would prefer to take) a wait-and-see approach, will be compelled to start adopting the technology. In this first phase of a much longer telecom evolution, Light Reading proposes 8 steps for providers unsure how best to proceed. 

Here are the steps proposed by Light Reading:

1. Follow the leaders
Learn from vendors and operators that have successfully developed and deployed NFV solutions.

2. Get educated
Mine resources like Light Reading’s Virtuapedia to gain deeper knowledge of virtualization technologies.

3. Ask for proof
What evidence does the supplier you’re considering offer about the effectiveness of its products?

4. Make a business case
How will NFV affect the bottom line? Will it save money? Make money? Both?

5. Select partner(s)
Choose NFV partner(s) based on both technology prowess and cultural heredity. Keep interoperability in mind.

6, Write an RFP
Make it prescriptive and specific; don’t risk having suppliers guess what you mean.

7. Strike a dealI
t’s a buyer’s market!

8. Get ready... for Phase 2
Deploying NFV today is just the first stage in a longer journey, with the end goal being the ‘cloudification’ of telco networks.

Read the full report for an in-depth look at what's involved in each of these steps.

What would you add to the list? Drop a comment below.

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