Cable Providers Designing New and Better Enterprise Services

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 with No comments

Cable operators are in an excellent position to reinvent enterprise services by designing those offerings to be better aligned with how companies actually use networks, wrote Light Reading Editor-at-Large Carol Wilson, summarizing the points made by Charter Communications and others during a breakfast session at Cable Next-Gen Technologies last week. 

Charter's Senior Director of Network Products, Scott Fairchild, said the MSO is exploring how to use virtualization and other technologies to go beyond mimicking traditional telecom serviceswith the goal to design the types of services enterprises really need and want. 

Jeff Johnson, cable sales director at Accedian, also on the breakfast panel, added that this reinvention of enterprises services needs to be done without compromising service level agreement (SLA) delivery and assurance. Virtualization technologies like network functions virtualization (NFV) are a step in that direction, helping MSOs like move toward offering service portals that provide greater visibility into service performance. 

Read the full article for more insight into discussion at the Cable Next-Gen breakfast session.