5G QoE and the Connected Car: A Picture is Worth...

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Thursday, March 17, 2016 with No comments

Pictures and diagrams are often a great way to understand the real-world impact of technology developments. With that in mind, we've published two infographics that explore the migration of mobile networks toward 5G and one possible use case for next generation networks: connected car services.  

5G QoE: Under Siege?
As network complexity accelerates, operators are responding by building autonomous networks that optimize themselves, second-by-second. Automationdriven by insight gained through end-to-end network visibilityis necessary if operators are to delight subscribers with exceptional 5G user experience. QoE is the new differentiator. 

5G/IoT Case Study: Connected Car
Connected car services illustrate how harnessing the power of intelligent 5G networks will reap rewards and offer a wealth of opportunities to harvest revenue and loyalty. Those rewards are dependent on omniscient visibility into subscriber behavior, context and per-service performance, supported by a network that organizes itself to spin up services on the fly.

Read more about these topics and explore the infographics in a larger format on our Mobile Networks page. 

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