Trending: Network Performance News This Week, February 21-27, 2016

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This week's roundup of telecom news represents a tiny fraction of the commentary that came out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona--touching on some of the major topics at the event: small cells, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G, as well as a broader look at industry trends like everything-as-a-service, cloud business services, and problems the industry hasn't yet solved (and is perhaps avoiding). 

Small Cells: The Next Sure Thing

This time, it looks like it really might be true: small cells are the next big thing. What's different now? Operators are exploring the technology for a variety of uses, including 5G network upgrades, and IoT connections, and enterprises are eyeing small cells to boost indoor coverage and develop business M2M applications. Light Reading article

IoT race heats up at MWC 2016
Mobile carriers are beginning to decommission 2G networks to make room for LTE, which potentially could leave their existing IoT customers in the cold. But, given the growing business opportunity for IoT service, carriers are looking at other ways to stay in the game, including investing in new technologies and leveraging partnerships. RCRWireless article

Pushing the 5G envelope: Is being first worth the risk?
Mobile operators are feeling the push to deploy early 5G services ahead of the projected 2020 commercial viability deadline. But there are real risks in moving forward so quickly, using pre-standard gear (no standard is developed yet). Fierce Wireless article

Reality Check: High-tech’s biggest story to watch – shift to services
If well executed, the transformation of traditional hardware and software platforms into as-a-service offerings empowers faster and more personalized services. But, the path to making this happen is not easy or inexpensive. RCRWireless article.  

Achieving True Cloud Business Services
Investments in cloud, NFV, and SDN on the part of operators benefits their business models, but also has clear advantages for business customers--including roll-outs of unified communications as-a-service systems, empowering mobile working, and enabling the purchase of wide-area networks as a service. Light Reading article.
The 5 big issues the wireless industry is hiding from at this year's MWC
Is the hype over 5G, virtual reality, and IoT noise to drown out more pressing issues, like toll-free data, video calling interoperability, and Wi-Fi calling? Fierce Wireless article