Trending: Network Performance News This Week, February 7-13, 2016

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This week's roundup of telecom news is a reality check into 5G and what it will take to get there: the gap between 5G dreams and reality, what people are actually envisioning 5G will mean, what the Internet of Things (IoT; arguably an aspect of 5G) means for operators, how backhaul will be handled in the 5G era, and how interest in software-defined networking (SDN) has evolved. 

5G follies: The network that doesn't exist
Opinion: It's fine to dream about 5G, but there's nothing yet to plan for--no technology, no standard, no agreement even on what '5G' means. Until those emerge, there's plenty of useful work to be done. InfoWorld article

What a World with 5G Will Look Like(For those who do dare to dream.) As envisioned, 5G will enable: network speeds 10-100 times faster than 4G, video multi-casting in 4K resolution, self-driving cars, networked medical robots for performing surgery remotely, and virtual reality video games and remote collaboration. CNN Money article

The network of the future: At the end of the 5G rainbow
5G networks potentially enable IoT to become a central part of life and business, but what role will operators play? Likely, part of a larger ecosystem of communications service providers. RCRWireless article.

Wireless backhaul in the 5G era
5G challenges include more capacity per device, more devices, new types of devices, and new services. Result: a hug increase in capacity density, and the need to embrace service and network virtualization, and virtualized wireless backhual. RCRWireless article

How SDN Interest Has Evolved
In 2012, discussion about SDN was focused solely on the data center. Today, that's expanded to include interest in SDN in the WAN, and in branch and campus networks. InformationWeek Network Computing article

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