On the Road to 5G, (Lack of) Visibility is Holding Operators Back

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Monday, February 22, 2016 with No comments

At Mobile World Congress this year, much discussion is expected about how new applications such as voice over LTE (VoLTE), video over LTE (ViLTE) and enhance security will be delivered in new 5G networks and the innovation that will go into developing them. But it’s not going to be an easy ride. 

One of the most prominent specifications for 5G networks is the ability of individual network nodesbasestations and radio air interfaces for exampleto talk directly so that the network is able to “self-optimize” performance and services according to user demands. Yet as this starts to happen, operators are going to begin to lose visibility of network conditions and user experience that are relied upon to run sustainable, profitable networks.

Before we go any further, note that against the backdrop of increasingly commoditized voice and data services, the overall quality of experience (QoE) an operator can deliver is its only remaining differentiator. Operators are pinning their hopes on new applications to improve differentiation and experience, but they are often hampered in their ability to deliver required QoE for those servicesbecause they lack visibility across the full network.  
Obviously, lack of visibility to control network latency and bottlenecks could have some serious consequences. What might its impact be on driverless cars and the potential for collision protection? What about remote monitoring capabilities for people with serious illnesses? What about the ensuring response times for emergency services? All have life or death consequencesfor the subscriber, and for the operator.

Gaining a real time view into network performance (QoS) and QoE per application, location, and user is the foundation that competitive, virtualized mobile networks will be built on. Without it, 5G simply won’t be able to exist.

To learn how this is possible now, connect with Accedian at Mobile World Congress (booth 8.0I27), and read our latest white paper on the topic, "5G Mobile QoE." 


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