Where on SlideShare is Accedian?

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 with No comments

Accedian's thought leadership content exploring network performance assurance includes white papers, webinar replays, videos, and infographics, available on our Web Library. Now, we've expanded that by publishing some of our slide decks on SlideShare.net. 

Currently, four of our slide decks are available on SlideShare, each with a related video embedded:

Small Cell Backhaul Performance Assurance
Small cells are having a big impact on mobile network capacity, QoS, and the ability for operators to scale with the 1000-fold traffic growth expected over the next several years. 

The Performance Assured Path to 5G
What is 5G? When will it reach commercial viability, how will we get there, and what will it take to make it a reality? Although it's too soon to answer those questions with certainty, it's clear performance assurance will play a crucial role.

Hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS) and Micro-Shaping
Hierarchical QoS, as specified in the MEF 10.3 standard, is a traffic conditioning method which respects a prioritized flow’s right of way, while allowing lower-priority flows to effectively use leftover bandwidth from higher-priority flows to increase overall multi-service performance.

Hybrid Cloud: Enterprise to Data Center Connectivity
More than half of enterprise workloads are now crunched in the cloud. Service providers are in a unique position to offer dedicated, reliable, flexible connections with sufficient availability, low-latency, configurability—the cornerstone of hosted services and applications.

We'll be adding more slide decks soon, so check back!