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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trending: Network Performance News This Week, Feb. 22-28, 2015

This week's industry news and analysis roundup is very future-looking: the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) connections and mobile data consumption, what's ahead for 5G, use cases for Software Defined Networking (SDN), and a preview of Mobile World Congress. 

New Verizon Report Spotlights Strong IoT Growth 
Pointing to research it commissioned from ABI, Verizon forecasts massive broad growth for business-to-business Internet of Things (IoT) connections between 2014 and 2020. The carrier itself currently manages more then 15 million IoT-enabled connections. Wireless Week article.

Digging into ETSI’s results on small cell testing
Plugfests sponsored by Small Cell Forum and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) provide a window into multivendor environment interoperability for small cells. For example, at the most recent event 54 tests were completed, with 29 passing and 25 failing. The next Plugfest, this coming April, will be conducted remotely and focus on carrier aggregation, local IP access, selected IP traffic offload, and closed subscriber groups. RCR Wireless article

Reality Check: 5G – the history of the future
Network technologies typically evolve over a 20-year cycle, and 5G likely will follow this pattern even though it's little but hype and speculation at the moment. RCR Wireless article.  

Report: LTE drives up mobile data consumption
New research from Mobidia Technology and Ovum indicates that LTE subscribers continue to use more mobile data and buy larger data plans than 3G subscribers. Fierce Wireless article.

Emerging Use Cases for SDN
Solid uses cases for SDN will emerge during 2015, predicts SDx Central's Steve Garrison, including: adding policy to existing networks; meter, match and act; SDN within the data center; data center to data center networking; and SDN at the routed edge. SDx Central article

What are we looking forward to this year at MWC?
With Mobile World Congress 2015 fast approaching, Small Cell Forum's Sue Monahan looks ahead at three topics that surely will be hot at the event: the 5G hype curve, virtualization, and the Internet of Things. Small Cell Hub article. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcoming Webinars: Small Cells Testing and Virtual Instrumentation

Join us for the following, upcoming webinars covering two hot topics as 2015 gets underway: small cells testing, and virtual instrumentation.

March 11, 2015, 2:00pm EDT

RCR Editorial Webinar: Small Cell Testing - Carrier Aggregation, Interference, EICIC and Quality of Experience 
Scott Sumner, VP of solutions development and marketing at Accedian, joins RCR Wireless host Kelly Hill and other industry leaders to explore current trends and technical issues in small cell deployments, including distributed antenna systems, and testing issues for indoor and outdoor small cell systems. This webinar will also look at what features and functions of LTE and LTE-Advanced are being deployed in small cells currently and the roadmap for future development.

March 18, 2015, 11:30am EDT
Accedian Webinar: Introduction to Virtualization & Virtual Instrumentation
Accedian's Scott Sumner dives deeper into performance testing for small cells, in this webinar that introduces the origins and basics of virtualization, from virtual machines to global cloud compute concepts, then shows how operators are applying these fundamentals to virtual appliances used to deliver standards-based QoS and QoE visibility at a fraction of the cost of current monitoring solutions.

Visit our Events page for other, upcoming learning opportunities.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Light Reading Report: Virtual CPE and NFV Market Update

In a new report sponsored by Accedian Networks, Light Reading explores the opportunities and challenges associated with the virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) sector.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Webinar Replay: Optimizing LTE and LTE-A Networks with the Right KPIs

Network optimization has played a critical role in mobile networks since their inception two decades ago. But now there are so many key performance indicators (KPIs) that it's becoming difficult to further optimize the mobile network, even with the architectural simplification that LTE and LTE-Advanced bring.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Accedian in the News

If you're following Accedian's growth, solutions and contribution to conferences and industry organizations, you'll want to see who's been taking note in the media.

Here are the articles we've seen from the past few weeks:

Accedian to Demo SkyLIGHT™ VCX at Mobile World Congress 2015

Planning to be at Mobile World Congress next week (March 2-5, 2015) in Barcelona, Spain? Stop by and see us in our Press Center meeting rooman oasis away from the crowds, centrally located in Section CC4, Room 7.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Trending: Network Performance News This Week, Feb. 15-21, 2015

SDN, NFV orgs welcome new members
The growing trend of telecom network virtualization using software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) is making industry organization membership increasingly appealing. For example, The Open Network Lab recently gained Cisco Systems and SK Telecom as members. RCR Wireless article

Nokia Networks and partners develop SDN backhaul concept for LTE network
Nokia Networks has put in place the foundation for deploying SDN in mobile backhaul, using a proof-of-concept developed in conjunction with Aalto University in Finland and other industry partners. Fierce Wireless article

ABI Research: LTE Advanced coverage reaches 100M people; to cross 1B mark by 2018
It's only been four years since the inception of LTE-Advanced, but ABI Research reported that networks using this technology provided coverage for 100 million people worldwide, and that number is expected to reach 1 billion by 2018. Fierce Wireless article

Small cells in 2015: a good year ahead
What's ahead for the small cell industry in 2015? Small Cell Forum's CEO, Sue Monahan, looks back at achievements during 2014 and discusses what might build on that as a new year commences. Small Cell Forum article

The dilemma choosing between 3G and LTE residential Femtocells
The market for 3G femtocells remains remarkably buoyant, with confident forecasts predicting 3.5-4 million unit shipments during 2015. This now mature technology is robust and predictable. But how will the transition to LTE affect this market? ThinkSmallCell article

#TBT: MWC 2010 sees VoLTE rise, WiMAX last stand … 5 years ago this week
Thinking ahead to Mobile World Congress 2015 next month, RCR Wireless News takes a look back its headlines archives in a "Throwback Thursday" retrospective about how mobile technology has changed since 2010. RCR Wireless article.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Reality Check for NFV/SDN

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) recently released documents from phase one of its network function virtualization (NFV) virtualization technology framework. In this video, RCR Wireless’ Dan Meyer discusses this development with Brocade’s Tom Nadeau. What do you think is ahead for network virtualization standards?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cloud WAN on the Horizon?

In a recent SDxCentral post, Scott Raynovich of The Rayno Report predicted that, riding a wave of more than $300 million in venture capital, a new round of wide area network (WAN) technologies will soon hit the market—changing the way enterprises interact with and connect to the cloud for the next decade. How do you see cloud RAN unfolding?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Accedian Introduces VCX, Industry's First NFV-Powered Performance Assurance Controller

Accedian Networks today introduced SkyLIGHT™ VCX Controller, the industry’s first performance assurance controller employing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to bring advanced monitoring capabilities network-wide, without the need for expensive, high-end test equipment.

This radically more efficient approach to network performance monitoring combines all the benefits of virtualization without compromising test speed or precision. By eliminating key cost, scalability, and coverage barriers to network performance visibility, service providers can now more cost-effectively ensure a better quality of experience (QoE) for users.

The VCX Controller works together with Accedian's Nano smart SFP (optical transponder) and compact gigabit Ethernet modules to deliver multi-flow traffic generation and ability to monitor the performance of thousands of flows. The modules are easy to install and cost up to 90% less than existing solutions, enabling service providers to realize the significant capital and operational efficiencies promised by an NFV architecture, while their customers benefit from a fully assured network.

Designed to fit seamlessly into a service provider's existing infrastructure, operational practices and procedures, the VCX Controller uses the same interfaces as Accedian standalone solutions to interoperate openly with standards-based network elements, management platforms, analytics platforms, and more.

Learn more about the VCX Controller: Overview | Product Brief |  Video

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trending: Network Performance News This Week, Feb. 8-14, 2015

There’s a lot to love in this week’s industry news, such as predictions about the future of SDN and NFV. Other hot topics included the potential effects of unlicensed LTE, trials of compact LTE metro cells, and market trends for gigabit high speed access. 

Why AT&T, Verizon - and pretty much everyone else - is embracing SDN and NFVNFV lets carriers virtualize hardware functions, turning them into software within networks. SDN lets carriers use software to control network functions and policies in the cloud. Both benefits help cut operational expenses and promise to make launching services easier and faster. Fierce Wireless article.

SDN & NFV: Where Are We Going From Here?What’s next for SDN and NFV? Vitesse Semiconductor’s CTO, Martin Nuss, offers some perspective on why these technologies should be tightly interconnected and how the industry is likely to adopt them. Light Reading video.

Verizon, SK Telecom join T-Mobile in testing unlicensed LTE, but Wi-Fi Alliance urges cautionAlthough several major carriers are working with Ericsson and Qualcomm on trials of unlicensed LTE service in the 5 GHz band, the Wi-Fi Alliance is concerned that the technology could harm Wi-Fi users. Fierce Wireless article.

Compact LTE metro cells add flexibility in delivering ultra-broadband mobile accessCompact Metro Cell Outdoor (CMCO) technology is being trialed by operators around the globe to gain greater flexibility when building heterogeneous networks. Options now include Alcatel-Lucent’s Compact Metro Cell Outdoor product family. EE Times Europe article.

I Now Can Buy a Gigabit High Speed Access Service, But Won't Do So: Here's WhyIncreasingly, consumers can now buy Gigabit high-speed internet access. But will they? IP Carrier’s Gary Kim is skeptical, predicting that for many, the price is too high and the detectible benefit too low. IP Carrier article.

Using SON to maximize network resourcesThe self-optimizing networks (SON) is a valuable and promising technology for mobile network operators, which face multiple challenges. RCR Wireless article.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Photos: V-NID Customer Training in Peru

James Artimez, Accedians' Vice President of Sales for Latin America, shared these photos this week, showing the team in Lima, Peru training a customer on their newly-acquired V-NID system.

The V-NID Platform orchestrates network-wide performance monitoring (PM) sessions from V-NID Actuators, centralizing extensive analytic and mediated fault-management capabilities. With an open North Bound Interface (NBI), hundreds of real-time performance metricsthe Network State+™can be integrated into existing platforms or surgically queried to isolate precise performance trends.

Learn more about V-NID: Video | Datasheet  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

T-Mobile Poland Assures Nationwide Network with Accedian V-NID Solution

Accedian Networks, the performance assurance solution specialist for mobile networks and enterprise-to-data center connectivity, today announced that T-Mobile Poland (T-Mobile Polska) has deployed Accedian’s V-NID™ Performance Platform to increase network visibility and performance, and enhance the mobile user experience for over 16 million customers.

“The Accedian performance monitoring solution gives us a complete view of network performance and met all our cost and performance objectives,” said Maciej Rozowicz, Transmission Access and Aggregation Section Manager at T-Mobile Poland. “It is key to our goal of providing the best service to our customers.”

Mobile operators need to assure reliable quality of service (QoS) to deliver a positive customer experience and stay competitive, and delivering this requires seamless core-to-edge and multi-domain traffic monitoring coverage. While expanding its footprint in Eastern Europe, T-Mobile Poland found that inconsistent nationwide backhaul network performance visibility made it difficult to identify and troubleshoot network problems and satisfy QoS requirements.

Accedian’s V-NID Performance Platform provided T-Mobile Poland the ability to accurately diagnose and resolve QoS issues such as increased latency and call drops, and to strategically plan capacity expansion. T-Mobile Poland can now view network performance holistically over its national footprint, which allows the operator to efficiently identify the origins of any issues that arise, quickly resolve them, and be truly proactive with operations and maintenance (OAM).

“We were pleased T-Mobile selected our V-NID solution and that our real-time performance assurance technology helped them achieve their network performance improvement goals in Poland,” said Henrik Nydell, V-NID Product Manager, Accedian Networks. “Thanks to close collaboration with T-Mobile and AM Technologies Poland, nearly 16 million T-Mobile customers now experience optimized service reliability, quality, and performance.”

T-Mobile’s integrator partner, AM Technologies Poland, helped the operator select the V-NID performance assurance solution and performed the installation, configuration, testing, and implementation nationwide within a year, ahead of schedule. AM Technologies utilized the Accedian solution because it is unique in its ability to provide a uniform instrumentation layer over multi-vendor and multi-domain networks like T-Mobile’s.

“This was a complicated project, because it spanned a heterogeneous network, with many technologies, network equipment vendors’ equipment, and different protocol domains,” said Władysław Misztal, Telecom Sales Manager, AM Technologies Poland. “But, with good communication and cooperation between T-Mobile, AM Technologies, and Accedian Networks, it turned out to be an easy and fast implementation. We would normally expect several months more effort and many more operational obstacles to complete a project of this scale where interoperability is a key factor.”

About Accedian Networks
Accedian Networks® is the Performance Assurance Solution Specialist for mobile networks and enterprise-to-data center connectivity. Open, multi-vendor interoperable and programmable solutions go beyond standard-based performance assurance to deliver Network State+™, the most complete view of network health. Automated service activation testing and real-time performance monitoring feature unrivalled precision and granularity, while H-QoS traffic conditioning optimizes service performance. Since 2005, Accedian has delivered platforms assuring hundreds of thousands of cell sites globally. http://www.Accedian.com Twitter: @Accedian

About AM Technologies Poland

AM Technologies is an authorized distributor in Poland of Accedian Networks and other leading manufacturers and vendors of the measurement equipment and systems, as well as an integrator of measurement systems. The company was established in 1999 and specializes in delivery of appliances, complete solutions and related software and services. It also provides know-how, technical support, trainings and maintenance services. In 2002 AM Technologies created own R&D department, which develops special, custom-made measurement software and solutions. http://www.amt.pl/

Media Contact:
Merritt Group, Inc. for Accedian Networks
Melissa Chadwick

Meet us at MWC - and Witness the Virtual Instrumentation Revolution!

Meet us at MWC
March 2-5, 2014 ● Barcelona, Spain

Accedian's meeting room is centrally located in the Press Center.
It's an oasis away from the crowds.

Section CC4, Room 7

Accedian's New SkyLIGHT™ VCX

Witness the Virtualized Instrumentation Revolution: test drive the new SkyLIGHT™ VCX and experience a radically efficient approach to performance assurance.
We’ve virtualized the most powerful performance assurance hardware, fusing its DNA with the power of the cloud. The VCX will reset your expectations. Join us for a live demo.

Never Compromise Quality. Deliver it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Accedian Webinar Thursday - Performance KPIs for LTE & VoLTE

Accedian Webinar

February 12, 2015 at 11:30am EST

Subject: Performance KPIs for LTE & VoLTE
Host: Scott Sumner, VP Solutions Dev't & Mktg

The trend towards big analytics - monitoring as much as possible then crunching for correlation and visualization - is not a practical approach assuring the performance of LTE-A networks and the QoE of critical services like VoLTE. Instead of drowning in the data lake, carefully selecting the right KPIs - and seeing them in real time - can make the difference between confusion and root cause analysis.

Learn how to leverage quality metrics over quantity, create actionable alerts and use basic statistical trending to gain real-time insight using standards-based methods that work over multi-vendor, and multi-domain networks.

Here's the link to register for our session:

 Register Now

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trending: Network Performance News This Week, Feb. 1-7, 2015

Hot topics this week included using LTE broadcast for the Super Bowl, data usage growth and its impact on mobile networks, and concerns over U.S. regulatory changes.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finding the right KPIs for LTE Networks

On yesterday's Infonetics webinar on February 5th we focused on what, where and when measurements should be conducted to gain a full view of LTE network performance.

Network optimization has played a critical role in mobile networks since their inception two decades ago. With the advent of ‘big analytics’ and large amounts of performance monitoring data collection from many different systems in the network, it’s becoming difficult to know which key performance indicators (KPI) to focus on, and even harder to distill them into actionable metrics.

Our views on this stem from our solutions monitoring over 150,000 cell sites worldwide, and our close partnership with our mobile operator customers.

Some key points we explored:
  • In general, too many KPIs don't solve the problem of network performance visibility.  Conflicting alarms from transient outliers and imprecise measurements can cause a sea of red in the NOC.
  • While latency, synchronization, delay variation, packet loss and utilization are more important than ever, with multiple classes of service to each tower, concurrent support for legacy 3G infrastructure, and the addition of small cells increasing service endpoints, even a handful of metrics can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Bottom line: how you measure, how you analyze can be more important than the quantity of metrics.  Quality over quantity.
We looked at the fundamentals that should be in place to monitor and optimize LTE networks, as well as VoLTE and other services running on them.  The replay is now available.

Click here to watch the replay


Duration: 45 min + Q&A

  • Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst, Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics, Infonetics Research
  • Scott Sumner, VP Solutions Marketing, Accedian Networks
  • Paul Gowans, Global Mobile Marketing Manager, JDSU
  • JoAnne Emery, Event Director, Infonetics Research (Moderator)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Accedian Rides Global LTE Expansion Wave, Achieves 38% Revenue Growth for 2014

Global expansion of LTE networks and a focus on standards-based end-to-end performance monitoring solutions for multi-vendor environments accelerates continued growth

Montreal, Canada - February 3, 2015 - Accedian Networks, the performance assurance solution specialist for mobile networks and enterprise-to-data center connectivity, today announced 2014 year-end results, achieving 38 percent annual revenue growth. Accedian’s growth reflects the company’s focus on enabling operators achieve network performance assurance and visibility to deliver differentiated quality of experience (QoE) to their customers.

Two main market trends are driving Accedian's market momentum:
  1. Global Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network expansion.
  2. North American small cells deployments and increased demand for enterprise-to-data center connectivity.

Both trends tie into a larger marketplace focus on network performance, as network operators and service providers continue investing in network enhancements and delivering value-added services to customers, they increasingly are finding it necessary to operate in a multi-vendor equipment environment making sustainable, end-to-end performance more challenging.

A focus on open and standards-based network performance monitoring solutions like those Accedian provides allows operators to create a unified instrumentation layer from existing network assets instead of relying on proprietary equipment from a single vendor. This results in a more competitive infrastructure vendor environment to the benefit of network operators.

Key 2014 Revenue Growth Facts

  • During 2014, Accedian Networks achieved 38% revenue growth, spread across 62 countries worldwide including significant deployments in South Korea, Japan, Brazil, multinational European operators and the United States.
  • Accedian Networks won 88 new customers during 2014 spanning mobile, wireline and financial services network operators including KVH, TMX Atrium, and T-Mobile (Poland).
  • Key wins included multiple global Tier 1 mobile operators.  
  • Founded in 2005, Accedian Networks celebrated its 10th anniversary as a company this month.
  • Accedian plans to increase its staff by 15% over the first and second quarters.
Executive Quote
"We are riding the wave of global LTE expansion as mobile networks become more open in a competitive, multi-vendor environment. Having recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, we are very excited about our prospects for even stronger growth in 2015 as we continue providing standards-based network performance monitoring solutions for network operators and service providers.”
Patrick Ostiguy, Founder, President & CEO, Accedian Networks

Supporting Resources

About Accedian Networks

Accedian Networks® is the Performance Assurance Solution Specialist for mobile networks and enterprise-to-data center connectivity. Open, multi-vendor interoperable and programmable solutions go beyond standard-based performance assurance to deliver Network State+™, the most complete view of network health. Automated service activation testing and real-time performance monitoring feature unrivalled precision and granularity, while H-QoS traffic conditioning optimizes service performance. Since 2005, Accedian has delivered platforms assuring hundreds of thousands of cell sites globally. www.Accedian.com  Twitter: @Accedian

Media Contact:
Merritt Group, Inc. for Accedian Networks

Expanding: Here's Where We're Hiring!

We are experiencing rapid growth, and have many open positions across our sales and engineering organizations.  Our open positions are listed below... For more info or top apply, please see our careers page.

Sales Manager, Southern EuropeParis
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Spécialiste en outils de gestion de code / Software configuration tools specialistMontreal
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