To LTE and Beyond: Telefonica Case Study

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, December 02, 2015 with No comments

The evolution of mobile telecommunications isn't always a direct step from one technology to another, nor should it be. Often, a hybrid approach is the best strategy to deliver exceptional quality of service (QoS) while expanding and improving coverage. This is the case for Telefónica, whose LTE (4G) growth strategy relies—interestingly enough—on improving reliability of their 3G network. For this, they selected a performance assurance solution from Accedian to deliver a new level of customer experience to mobile subscribers across their global footprint. 

Because smartphones and 4G data packages are priced at a premium, expectations are high as Telefonica users migrate to LTE. Few of their subscribers realize that voice calls are still carried over 3G; the customer’s perception is that they’re on a new network, and in any case they expect an exceptional voice and data experience regardless of which network technology carries their connection. 

Although more critical in Central and Latin America—where 75% of subscribers are prepaid voice users without a data plan—accelerating subscriber transition to LTE is a key objective across all of Telefónica’s operations, globally. 

To realize this goal, Telefónica turned to Accedian for a performance assurance solution to deliver a new level of customer experience to mobile subscribers. As their operating regions became familiar with the real-time QoS visibility offered by the Accedian platform, they began using the same solution to assure enterprise-grade business services connectivity, data center access, wholesale Carrier Ethernet, and residential triple-play offerings. 

Accedian's solutionwhich includes the SkyLIGHT Performance Assurance Platform, Nano Smart SFP Modules, and 1GbE and 10GbE Network Performance Elementsnow provides performance assurance for all key services delivered across Telefónica’s global network.

Read the full case study for the complete story about how Telefonica is using network performance assurance to achieve its global goals.