GEN15: Router Toss Highlights vCPE Moving Mainstream

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Tuesday, December 08, 2015 with No comments

On-premises edge routers are being phased out in favor of network functions virtualization (NFV)-based network interface devices (NIDs) to reduce footprint, deployment time, and cost. Carriers are increasingly embracing this strategy, moving services to virtual appliances using NFV/virtualized network functions (VNFs). 

At our booth during GEN15, the 'Router Toss' game was a bit hit. Participants included people from MEF and IHS/Infonetics. The big winner (who went home with a widescreen monitor): Randy Ford, Senior Product Engineer at EarthLink.

Watch the highlights in our video, and let us know how you see NFV being applied at the network edge.


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