Trending: Network Performance News This Week, September 27-October 3, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news touches on the relationship between 5G and IoT, and related opportunities and challenges; the potential positive effects of RAN optimization on VoLTE services; forces driving service provider use of analytics; what it takes for cable operators to monetize Wi-Fi services; and a realistic look at how SDN/NFV implementation will likely unfold over the next decade. 

5G and the Internet of Things: how does it fit together?
At the 5G Innovation Centre at University of Surrey in the U.K., a wide spectrum of companies with different market perspectives are collaborating on R&D around standards for both 5G and IoT. RCR Wireless article and video.

Managing the Internet of Things – the Network Operator’s Challenge
As network operators and service providers gear up for IoT, they face revenue opportunities--but also technology and operational challenges. Telecom Ramblings article

RAN optimisation brings VoLTE benefits for SK Telecom but challenges others
South Korea Telecom's achievements with RAN optimization demonstrates how even companies that have had VoLTE rolled out for a while can still improve. But, success in this area is certainly not a given for all operators. The Mobile Network article

5 forces driving the use of mobile network analytics
Service providers seeking to better understand their networks are driven to use analytics by forces that include: automation, virtualization, the Internet of Things, need for differentiation based on customer experience, and desire for behavioral view of the customer. RCR Wireless article

How to Monetize WiFi (Part 1)
How can cable operators start making real money off Wi-Fi? The first step is to transform their best-effort Wi-Fi services into carrier-grade offerings comparable with cellular services. Light Reading article

SDN NFV in Telco 2015-2016 exec summary
A revolutionary approach such as SDN/NFV implementation suggests the need for a complete network overhaul. That will take at least 10 years. What's the first step? Core Analysis article

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