Insight: Real-Time and Fast Analytics Crucial for Telecom

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, October 07, 2015 with No comments

In its recent Feature Report, “Implications and applications of real-time and ‘fast’ big data analytics,” RCR Wireless notes that telecom and IT leaders expect big data will dramatically change how business is done. Yet, the use of big data in telecom is still fragmented, with departmental projects and use cases dominating how operators leverage big data.

An integrated set of strategies and tools is required to move big data from data insights to true automation of business decisions and network control. Network performance monitoring, fast analytics, SDN and NFV are destined to work together to maintain customer quality of experience (QoE) in the ever more complex networks serving hybrid cloud connectivity and wireless applications.

Telecom use cases for big data fall into two broad categories: real-time monitoring, and pattern insights gathered over time, RCR Wireless said in its report. Within those categories, use of network-related analytics is driven by four major (and interrelated) trends: the Internet of Things (IoT), small cells, SDN/NFV, and 5G.

Those trends are generating some compelling questions that aren’t always so easy to answer:

  • How can operators derive information from big data and analytics to support IoT offerings?
  • What does it take to create a centralized view of the user experience?
  • Practically speaking, how does analytics enable automated, self-optimizing networks?
  • How can operators overcome barriers that limit their information and intelligence?

Increasing network complexity, IoT, and 5G mean analytics-based automation is crucial for operator success, RCR Wireless stressed in its report. Without it, telcos cannot hope to maintain their existing business or expand potential revenue sources.
Ultimately, RCR Wireless concluded, big data is a tool to support better business decisions. How operators choose to use that tool is likely to transform their businesses by, for example, becoming less like telcos and more like IT companies - while at the same time differentiating themselves from cloud and over-the-top (OTT) providers. Applied successfully, SDN and NFV can be major disruptors, catalyzing needed organizational change.

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