Trending: Network Performance News This Week, September 6-12, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is about change and the intersection of people and technology: the capex/opex dilemma carriers face around NFV/SDN, and the human factor of migrating to virtualization; what it takes to be successful with small cells deployments; the progression of 5G from concept to lab testing to field trials; and some predictions about the future of mobile voice. 

Capex/opex challenges for NFV and SDN
What are the financial implications of migrating to software solutions and virtualization technologies? It's a question operators are struggling with as they consider the capex/opex trade-off of NFV, SDN, and cloud platforms. RCRWireless article and video

Reader Forum: SDN – the human factor
Operators are on the hot seat to manage network services quickly in order to avoid a slow, overloaded network. But is SDN, touted as a solution for just this challenge, ready for primetime? The biggest obstacles may lie not with the technology itself, but rather how humans are managing this change. RCRWireless article

Small cell costs: Nokia offers operators a new approach
To help operators get what they need related to small cells deployments, Nokia launched HetNet Engine Room--a database and service intended to assist carriers with densifying their mobile networks using small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS). RCRWireless article

Network planning key to small cell
With small cells, as so many other things in life, there are no shortcuts: successful deployments are the product of robust planning and coordination. That's the only sure way for service providers to maximize benefits for both end users and their own return on investment. RCRWireless article

Verizon to begin trials of 5G wireless next year
5G in 2016? Well, maybe some field trials. That's what Verizon has in mind. InfoWorld article

Mobile voice will carry on, but not as we know it
With 25 percent of smartphone users now reportedly being data-exclusive in any given week, are mobile voice calls going extinct? Fierce Wireless article

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