Trending: Network Performance News This Week, July 12-18, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is about the transformation of mobile networks and services, which are being driven by market forces and technology advances toward a focus on QoE, reliance on virtualization, exploration of new ways to use spectrum, investment in OSS/BSS platforms, and the opportunities associated with a service-oriented mobile network core. 

Reader Forum: Sell the (quality of network) experience
Quality of Experience, particularly for data services, is fast becoming a loyalty driver for consumers, which means delivering QoE is increasingly strategic and necessary for service providers. RCRWireless article

Why virtualization is a game changer in network operations

A new PlanScape report from IDC outlines how IT operations are being transitioned to virtualized networks using virtualized network functions (VNF, and the opportunities created by that transition. article

Researchers send data over UHF ‘Super’ Wi-Fi

A professor and a group of engineers at Rice University in Houston recently demonstrated a system that wirelessly sends data over UHF (400 MHz-700MHz spectrum) simultaneously to TV broadcasts, hinting at a possible new type of TV or remote that could accommodate a 'Super Wi-Fi' network. RCRWireless article

Service agility through service innovation – Unpacking OSS/BSS
Driven by competition, communications solutions providers are investing in OSS/BSS solutions and platforms, viewing these as the key to operational excellence, as well as sustainable and profitable growth. Telecom Ramblings article

NFV Promises Cost Savings of Nearly 70% – Study
Research conducted by ACG Research (commissioned by Affirmed Networks and VMware) indicates that operators deploying virtualized Evolved Packet Core solutions enjoy a dramatic reduction in their costs and often recoup their entire investment within three years. Light Reading article

The Service-Oriented Mobile Core
To unlock opportunities from investing in a service-oriented mobile network core, operators need new service models, coupled with associated revenue to drive the business case for this approach. Light Reading article
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