Trending: Network Performance News This Week, July 5-11, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is ostensibly about 5G--or at least, the future of mobile networks and services. We touch on steps mobile operators and service providers are doing to prepare for the next generation of wireless, the technology needed for 5G, and the implications of human reliance on communications networks. 

NTT DoCoMo outlines phased approach to 5G, 5G+

Japan's NTT DoCoMo shared an update on its plans for launching 5G in 2020, and it will be split into two phases, one termed 5G and another dubbed 5G+. Fierce Wireless article.

Ericsson’s 5 Use Cases For 5G – Nice Job
While not remarkable in their originality, Ericsson's recently defined five key uses cases for 5G do serve as a useful reminder about the sorts of things 5G will have to do. Inside 5G article.

The Service-Oriented Mobile Core
The concept of the service-oriented core network is central to the future success of operators, and this involves new service models, new business cases, and new network architectures. Light Reading article

Madden: Coordinated MultiPoint really works
Recent field trials have shown the importance of CoMP, which provides features that help where operators need it--especially at the cell edge. Fierce Wireless article

LTE unlicensed: coexist or perish
Mobile operators deploying small cells find LTE-U an attractive investment; it gives them additional capacity at low per-bit costs. And, LTE-U in turn enhances the business case for LTE small cells. Small Cell Forum article

Network outages reveal companies’ vulnerability
Unrelated computer glitches this week that temporarily grounded three major entities (United Airlines, New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal) were a reminder how vulnerable all major computer systems are and the ripple effects from just a single failure. RCR Wireless article

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