Trending: Network Performance News This Week, June 28-July 4, 2015

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In line with Canada Day and USA's Independence Day, this week's roundup of telecom news 
is all about liberation (or at least, the hope of it): liberation from throttled mobile video streaming, lackluster LTE processor speeds, dearth of broadband connections in rural areas, overloaded home internet connections, frustratingly short battery life, and mobile roaming fees. (Of course, some of these are good news for consumers and more complicated for operators and service providers.) The dream of something better is very much alive and well, whether or not it works out as hoped.

Sprint ditches 600 Kbps streaming video speed limit after outcry
After customers loudly complained about the policy, Sprint did an about-face and dropped a throttling limit (which capped streaming video speeds at 600 Kbps) on its new "All-In" data plans. Fierce Wireless article

iPhone 6S LTE speeds could double with new Qualcomm chip
An early look at the upcoming iPhone 6s reveals a redesigned wireless system using Qualcomm's MDM9635M chip, believed to be capable of doubling LTE download speeds (from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps). RCRWireless article.

FCC disagrees on funding rural broadband
What's the best way to bring broadband internet to rural America? Even FCC officials can't agree: Chairman Tom Wheeler thinks it can be done by offering $1.7 billion in subsidies to expand the Lifeline Assistance Program, whereas Ajit Pai insists that what's needed are some modest changes to the Universal Service Fund rules. RCRWireless article

What's a Gigabit Good For?
Eight weeks after getting an AT&T GigaPower connection installed at her home in Illinois, Light Reading editor Carol Wilson reports back on the impact of having gigabit internet at home. Light Reading article 

Samsung patent could double battery life
Could adding silicon to the traditional lithium-ion layer of a smartphone battery double its capacity? Samsung thinks so. RCRWireless article.
Operators under pressure to innovate as EC signals end of roaming fees
A long-held ambition of the European Commission's Connected Continent legislation framework has been to abolish roaming fees and introduce net neutrality rules. This week, they made good on that goal through an agreement with the European Parliament and Council. RCRWireless article

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