Converge Network Digest Article: 5G and the Need for SDN Flow Optimization

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Monday, July 20, 2015 with No comments

Faced with increasing demand for bandwidth-intensive applications, mobile network operators need new and better strategies for meeting growing quality of experience (QoE) expectations. 

In a recent Converge! Network Digest Blueprint article, Accedian's VP of Marketing Scott Sumner takes on this topic, exploring the challenge of keeping up with growing demand for network resources, and what operators can do about it. 

Sumner starts off explaining why brute-force bandwidth over-provisioning is no longer sufficient, and touches on the role of 4G network improvements, before diving into the role Software Defined Networking (SDN) will play in 5G networks of the future and how operators can start implementing this technology now. 

Read the full article for more insights. 
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