Trending: Network Performance News This Week, June 14-20, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is all about mobile services and the technology needed to support them: virtual mobile core, the predicted death of GSM, demand for manage cloud and mobile services, momentum for the 'new IP,' the role of vendors in transforming the industry, and the importance of the 'mobile first' strategy. 

Virtual Mobile Core: Time to Get Real
Mobile core--which comprises a set of applications suited to cloud infrastructure--are in high demand, which makes them good candidates for NFV-based use cases. Light Reading article

The future fallout from the death of GSM
Many carriers, seeking to reallocate spectrum, plan to do away with GSM networks over the next few years. This could spell trouble for machine-to-machine (M2M) connections. RCR Wireless article.

Analyst Angle: Survey shows strong demand for managed cloud, mobile services
With more people using mobile devices at work, operators have an opportunity to offer cloud and mobile managed services to enterprise IT organizations. RCR Wireless article

Building Momentum for the New IP
Most telecom operators are now familiar with the term 'the new IP,' indicating that vendors' messages about the benefits of virtualization and automation are resonating with the telecom community. Light Reading article

It's Not Just the Telcos: Vendors Are 'Transformers' Too
Discussion of telco transformation is usually focused on the network operator/service provider community. But vendors are also going through an impressive transformation. Light Reading article.

Mobile-first strategy is key to success
For businesses large and small, a mobile-first strategy is crucial. Design optimized for mobile forces simplicity, demands efficiency, builds loyalty, solicits feedback, and can transform (or destroy) a brand. RCR Wireless article
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