Trending: Network Performance News This Week, June 7-13, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news includes insight about industry mergers, IoT insecurity, and IoT impact on service providers; highlights from the Big Telecom Event in Chicago, and a look at the complexity of virtualization. 

Reality Check: The urge to merge
Mergers are in the air and a topic of discussion recently with announcement of the Charter + Time Warner Cable + Bright House deals. Telecom industry consolidation makes sense because of cost and revenue synergies and asset scarcity. RCRWireless article

Adventures in 'Platforming' at BTE
Takeaway from the first two keynote speeches on the second day of Light Reading's Big Telecom Event 2015: "platforming" is the new black. Light Reading article

The New IP Agency Is Born at BTE
At the Big Telecom Event this week, a new organization--The New IP Agency (NIA)--was founded to simplify confusion over the SDN and NFV ecosystem, given that there are more than 30 industry bodies working on related standards or specifications. Light Reading article.   

Reader Forum: The reality behind virtualization
The ability of a mobile application to work properly for the end user depends on a complex journey from application server to endpoint. Given that, mobile developers need to avoid testing mobile app performance under ideal conditions, which usually don't correspond to real world conditions. RCRWireless article.

Reality Check: Grappling with growing ‘insecurity of things’
If not addressed quickly, systematically, and comprehensively, secure issues related to the Internet of Things (IoT) could hinder innovation, risk-taking, and market growth. RCRWireless article

Is IoT a Threat or an Opportunity for Service Providers?
Depending who you ask, IoT is either a drag on network resources or an opportunity for revenue growth through innovative services. Maybe it's both? SDxCentral article.
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