SDxCentral Featured Article: Who's Steering Your SDN Network?

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, June 03, 2015 with No comments

In the past, operators had full visibility into, and therefore control over, their networks. Unfortunately, that's changed with the rapid adoption of Software Defined Networks (SDN). This new technology densifies networks and makes it possible to carry increasing amounts of traffic over increasing numbers of virtual networks--often at the cost of a ubiquitous, real-time network state view.

Scott Sumner, VP of Solutions Development and Marketing at Accedian Networks, explores this topic in an SDxCentral article.

Sumner starts off by defining what "full visibility" really means in an SDN environment before diving into  the specific challenges of assuring SDN networks and how NFV and virtualized instrumentation can overcome those challenges.

Read the full article, and attend Accedian's upcoming DemoFriday live webinar (hosted by SDxCentral) to learn more about virtualized network assurance instrumentation.
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