Insight: How Different Applications Affect Mobile Networks

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 with No comments

The types of performance leap envisioned for 5G requires rethinking both how networks are designed, and how they're monitored to assure QoS and QoE. Why? Because, while the most-talked-about strain on mobile networks is the sheer volume of data, different types of applications have other impacts as well. 

For example (see animation below), VoLTE is very latency- and loss-sensitive, and demands high availability; whereas basic Internet of Things (IoT) applications are primarily influential because of their chatty/bursty nature. Video, email, web, and IoT safety applications are others that place different demands on the network.  

Because these applications vary in their impact, each must to be monitored separately. This ensures that Software Defined Networking (SDN) controllers get a real-time feed of per-app and per link performance needed to make optimal path decisions about how to best use network resources. The QoS of each application depends on it. 

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