Big Telecom Event 2015 Highlights (#BigTelecomEvent #BTE2015)

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Accedian Networks was well-represented at the Big Telecom Event this past week, with eleven of our team members (leadership, marketing, product development, and sales) attending to make the show a smashing success. 

Highlights included:
  • A prime-location booth--featuring demos of Accedian's latest solutions--that got a lot of traffic
  • Panel hosted by Accedian, moderated by Jim Hodges from Heavy Reading; included representation from SKT (an Accedian customer), as well as Scott Sumner, our VP of Product Development and Marketing
  • Sponsorship of a video screen, playing solution snapshots and screenshots
  • Launch of Accedian's new TCP/PM solution

Accedian team members at Big Telecom Event 2015, left to right:
Natalie Mountain (Marketing Project Manager), Greg Spear (PLM Solution Manager), 
Kim Cecchini (Director of Marketing), Chandrashekar LSP (Principal, Integrated Solutions), 
Patrick Arsenault (Director Product Management),  Patrick Ostiguy (Founder, President, and CEO),  John Bournazos (Director of Sales), Scott Sumner (VP of Solutions Development & Marketing), Douglas Smidl (VP of Sales), Chuck Schmidt (Sales Engineer). 
Not shown: Tristan Robitaille (videographer). 

One overarching takeaway dominated the event's keynotes and breakout sessions: the network is changing fast. Big operators, ISPs, and component vendors, and standards bodies are all embracing the move to a new network architecture. 

All of these players are clamoring for four things:
  1. Agile network architecture that meets the need to rapidly trial, deploy, and fix services and features
  2. Full automation with no human intervention needed to speedily configure and reconfigure the network
  3. The ability to develop apps and services using an open platform; the death of proprietary hardware and software
  4. Bringing network performance intelligence into SDN service orchestration and path computation, as well as distributed NFV optimization.
What were the highlights of the show for you?
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