Webinar Replay: The Path to 5G

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Friday, May 01, 2015 with No comments

Operators can prepare for the transition to 5G and push the capacity and performance of their existing LTE networks to approach 5G levels with a performance-assured approach.

Join Scott Sumner, VP of Solutions Development and Marketing at Accedian, for this on-demand replay of a 15 minute micro webinar focused on 5G, HetNets, and other topics related to next-generation mobile.

Key aspects of 5G are explained, complemented by strategies operators can use to migrate their networks with methods that:

  • identify network 'pinch points'
  • pre-assess upgrades and network readiness
  • validate QoS as changes are introduced
  • monitor QoS as and traffic volume increases
  • dynamically optimize networks infrastructure