Trending: Network Performance News This Week, May 3-9, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is chock full of alphabet soup: LAN, MAN, WAN, DOCSIS, DAS, LTE-U and LAA. Let's dig in!

Reader Forum: LAN, MAN and WAN – what’s the difference?
With global IP traffic and connected devices growing rapidly, companies have a vested interest in finding the best network to balance speed and access against security and compliance. Local Area Networks (LANs), Metro Area Networks (MANs), and Wide Area Networks (WANs) are among the options. RCR Wireless article

Study: Why some operators achieve 10% revenue growth and others only 2.7%
The most successful mobile operators--characterized as the "frontrunners"--adopt three distinct strategies that result in significantly higher growth than their rivals: they focus on network performance, adapt quickly to market conditions, and are first to market with new products and services. Fierce Wireless article

Meeting the Demands of Bandwidth & Service Group Growth
How can DOCSIS 3.1 and multi-service Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) meet he demands of bandwidth and service group growth? Watch this video for insights. Light Reading video

The Effect of Both DAS and Environmental Parameters on Near-Far
The Near-Far performance of wireless transmitters and receivers is affected by both environmental factors (like frequency, bandwidth, path loss, in-building margin loss, desired SINR, antenna gain, and cable loss) and distributed antenna system (DAS) parameters (like AGC set point, AGC compensation range, and filtering). RCR Wireless article

As LTE-U and LAA emerge, feds may look to regulate

On May 5th, U.S. Federal regulators released a notice soliciting information from stakeholders involved with LTE-Unlicensed and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) R&D and standards setting. LTE-U is a way to extend capacity, as is LAA; but what's the effect on Wi-Fi for LTE? RCR Wireless article

Canada to regulate roaming rates, plans additional spectrum auction

Concerned about lack of competition in the marketplace, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is taking steps toward regulating roaming rates across Canada. This is part of an ongoing process aimed at increasing consumer choice. RCR Wireless article
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