Trending: Network Performance News This Week, May 17-23, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom news is fundamentally about network traffic: how much cell data consumers now consume in a month, what's driving adoption of OTT TV services, the growing trend of 'mobile first' business strategies, merging of cellular and Wi-Fi for indoor coverage, direct mobile device-to-device communication, and the acceptability of 'good enough' networks. 

Report: U.S. consumers swallowed 2.5 GB/month of cellular data in Q1 on average
It took about 20 years for U.S. consumers to reach the 1 GB per month of cell data mark. Then, it took less than a year for that to grow by another GB. What an explosion! Fierce Wireless article

Smarter 'Dumb' TVs Will Drive OTT Adoption
Dumb TVs and media streaming products like Chromcast and Roku are getting increasingly smarter, giving smart TVs (with their often clunky user interfaces) a run for their money. Result: over-the-top (OTT) television service subscribers are expected to grow by more than 250% between 2014 and 2019. Light Reading article

Reality Check: Mobile first – what does it mean and why does it matter?
Verizon's bid to buy AOL is just a warm-up in its adoption of a 'mobile first' strategy. This trend is spreading fast throughout the telecom industry, and hardly surprising: people are becoming more dependent every day on mobile devices for information and communication. RCR Wireless article.  

One network, two standards: Cellular and Wi-Fi come together indoors
Wireless internet is quickly becoming an essential utility (like water, gas, and electricity) for building owners. Delivering this utility often requires combining Wi-Fi and cell connectivity. RCR Wireless article

Could advanced chips replace cell towers?
Qualcomm's LTE Direct (aka D2D), currently in trials with several carrier partners, could eventually lead to smartphones being able to communicate directly with each other, eliminating the need for cell towers. RCR Wireless

Is 'Good Enough' Ever Enough for Telecom?
In the telecom world, expectations are usually in the realm of 99.999% reliability, network downtime measured in minutes annually, and 50 milliseconds or less service restoration time. Under what circumstances cold 'good enough' networks be acceptable? Light Reading article

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