The Day Performance Monitoring Changed Forever

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Thursday, May 21, 2015 with No comments

Our customers had a problem: they needed precise performance assurance instrumentation sized and priced to fit cost-competitive business models involving small cells, branch office business services, and data center connectivity. 

So, we turned to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to create a completely new form of instrumentation. 

This process, performed by engineers at the Accedian Demolition Lab (secret location), involved several steps:

1. We started by slicing up the capabilities of our Network Performance Elements (NIDs) into their function components: power supply, ports, and CPU. 

2. Then, we threw out the power supply; it isn't needed with our virtualized solution. 

3. Next, we took each of the ports and and converted it into an ultra-compact, FPGA-processor based unit that can be installed wherever testing is needed. 

4. Finally, we took the CPU power, blended it up using the VCX Virtualizer, and cooked it with a special “Virtualizer” recipe to create the VCX Controller software.

End result: ultra-compact units that act as ports, combined with centralized CPU controller software.

Put simply, SkyLIGHT VCX is the result of porting 10 years of Accedian innovation into a new, cost-effective highly scalable format. We didn’t start from scratch like many companies have to with their products. We simply cut up what we already hadtried, tested and true. It’s virtualized instrumentationwithout compromise.
For the full, detailed story of how SkyLIGHT VCX was born, and to get a technical tour of its capabilities, see below. Please share on your social media feeds! #VCXStory,
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Video: Making of the VCX

Video: Accedian VCX - How It Works

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