RCR Wireless Reader Forum: 5G in the Real World

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Tuesday, May 05, 2015 with No comments

What is 5G and what can/should operators be doing now to prepare for the next round of mobile network investments? 

In an RCR Wireless News Reader Forum article, Accedian Networks' VP of solutions development and marketing, Scott Sumner, explores this topic by looking first at the current state of 5G and then diving into practical aspects of how next generation mobile network visions could be achieved. 

Sumner examines possible uses and business models for 5G, associated technology and business challenges, what it might take to achieve 1 ms latency, and some specific things operators should be doing now to prepare for the coming shift. Along the way, he discusses the importance of multicarrier aggregation, distributed network function virtualization (NFV), and virtualized instrumentation. 

How will 5G's success be measured? Read the full article for insights into this and related questions. 

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