Inside 5G Article: 5Qs On 5G With Accedian Networks

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 with No comments

In an Inside 5G article published last week, Accedian's Scott Sumner (VP of Solutions Development and Marketing) shared some insights and predictions about how 5G deployments will unfold. 

Accedian's stance is that 5G is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. One reason for this: if the ultra-low latency networks envisioned are to be realized, networks will have to be completely redesigned so functions can be hosted very close to end users. 

That in turn means the principles of distributed Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) must be standarized and proven out in real-world deployments, achieving latency objectives. 

Read the full article for a deeper look at these and related 5G considerations.
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