Trending: Network Performance News This Week, April 19-25, 2015

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This week's roundup of telecom industry news touches on small cells, Wi-Fi, FM on smartphones, growth of the LTE device market, spectrum auctions, and Google's launch of its Project FI MVNO. 

Small cell drives big investment from carriers
With the race to 5G underway, small cells are becoming a viable part of HetNet deployments. Drivers of this trend include the need to get more capacity out of existing spectrum, broader product offerings from vendors, and the willingness of big businesses to pay for more robust coverage and capacity. RCR Wireless article

Analyst: 'Wi-Fi-first' mobile model likely won't be a big hit with U.S. cable companies
Although the Wi-Fi first movement has gained a lot of proponents, it's unlikely traditional wireless carriers in the U.S. will adopt it on a large scale. MVNOs and MSOs are more likely candidates. Fierce Wireless article

Manufacturers resist push to enable FM on smartphones

Mobile phones from Samsung, Apple, and LG could function as FM radios, but these manufacturers have disabled that functionality. National Association of Broadcasters is lobbying to change that. RCR Wireless article

GSA: LTE devices near 3,000

Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reports that there are now 2,919 different LTE user devices (mostly smartphones) on the market, up from 1,356 since March, 2014. Fierce Wireless article

Carrier group pushes FCC on incentive auction
The Competitive Carrier Association is calling on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to go ahead with a planned 2016 auction of spectrum in the 600 MHz band, and allow smaller carriers to participate. RCR Wireless article

Google's 'Project Fi' MVNO won't shake up the wireless industry, but it could give it an important nudge
As expected, Google this week launched unveiled its "Project Fi" MVNO, which has been touted as a game-changing move in the wireless industry. Its pricing, scope, and experimental nature, however, mean its impact will be relatively small at least in the short term. Fierce Wireless article.