Trending: Network Performance News This Week, April 12-18, 2015

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This week's survey of mobile communications trends includes results of a survey on big data, a couple of observations about smartphone economics, the potential influence of direct carrier billing on service provider revenue streams, the outlook for small cells, and how VoLTE gives carriers the freedom to innovate. 

Dell survey yields surprising results for big data
How should companies capitalize on big data? Dell Software surveyed 300 database administrators, and was surprised to find that small, structured data is still the main focus for up to 75% of companies. RCR Wireless article

CCS Insight: N. American smartphone sales growth to peak in the near future
According to a recent report from research firm CCS Insight, smartphone sales growth in North America and Western Europe over the next couple years, driven by factors that include lengthening replacement cycles, device innovation slowdown, and growing popularity of other devices like tablets and smart watches. Fierce Wireless article.  

Mobile spending projected at $77B annually by 2024
Research suggests that, currently, consumers spend just over $14 billion each year while shopping on mobile devices. Barclays predicts that will top $77 billion by 2024. RCR Wireless article

Reader Forum: Direct carrier billing – new wine in a new bottle?
Direct carrier billing--the practice of having purchases of additional services charged to the customer's phone account--is a significant opportunity for service providers seeking new revenue streams. They can use this strategy to participate in the over-the-top (OTT) market through complementary business relationships rather than direct competition, for example. RCR Wireless article

Small cells: 4 reasons the outlook is changingAs carriers explore voice over Wi-Fi options, it seems small cells may never come into their own. Carrier decision-makers and vendor organizations disagree, though, standing by the idea that small cells are poised to finally take off. RCR Wireless

Reality Check: Open, virtualized VoLTE gives carriers the freedom to innovate
LTE is redefining telecom operators, with the transition of telephony services form circuit-switched to VoLTE all but a done deal. Although hesitation over perceived costs is holding up that transformation, the introduction of a virtualized, cloud-based service layer could enable more agile, innovative businesses. RCR Wireless article

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