Insight: A Prescription for the VoLTE Jitters

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Friday, March 20, 2015 with No comments

As operators roll out VoLTE, QoS issues can quickly degrade, interrupt or prevent calls and roaming. This is a problem, since anything less than carrier-grade reliability can impact customer loyalty and revenue, especially as operators transfer traditional lifeline voice services to data infrastructure as way of freeing up spectrum and offering HD voice service. 

Key metrics that must be met for demanding VoLTE service specs include latency, delay variation, availability, and packet loss. Real-time visibility into this network performance is vital if operators are to respond quickly enough to QoS threats.  

And, those requirements start with assuring backhaul networks to deliver reliable service quality before deploying VoLTE. 

Clearly, operators need a way to verify ongoing performance in a proactive way so they can maintain best-in-class voice services. That means answering questions such as:
  • What can we learn from VoLTE first-mover operators in APAC?
  • What pitfalls should we watch out for as we plan VoLTE roll-outs?
  • How do network function virtualization (NFV), cloud RAN, and other transformation make VoLTE harder to achieve?
  • What is likely to go wrong on an average VoLTE call?
  • Why are 3G voice networks fundamental to VoLTE fabric, even when roaming between VoLTE-ready networks?
For insight into answering these questions, see: