Insight Into 5G: Beyond the Hype

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Monday, March 02, 2015 with No comments

At Mobile World Congress this week, many companies will undoubtedly claim to have answers to pressing questions about 5G. These answers—such as cloud RAN and SDN/NFV—undoubtedly are part of the 5G puzzle, points out Mobile Experts principal analyst Joe Madden, in a recent Fierce Wireless article. 

Madden cautions that an even more important questions needs to be answered first: what is 5G, really?

There isn't yet an official ITU-R definition for 5G, but that doesn't really matter since what's really important is where money is being invested to facilitate 5G, he proposes. 5G will give rise to new business models, with far-reaching implications. 

For example, Madden predicts that 5G deployment will be targeted to specific businesses, homes, or neighborhoods, or to new applications. That will allow operators to maintain mobile access ARPU while adding significant new revenue for new wireless services.  

Read the full article for more on this idea. Drop a comment here; how do you think 5G will look in the real world, beyond the hype?
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