Insight: How to Performance-Optimize SDN

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Monday, March 30, 2015 with No comments

As services become more dynamic and evolve towards SDN architectures, controllers and virtual network functions (VNFs) are becoming increasingly “performance-aware.” That's good news for network operators looking to expand the benefits they can obtain from SDN beyond the data center and across the WAN.

But, of course, further enhancing information available to help with decision-making is only possible with a real-time stream of KPIs that reveal the current state of the network for every flow and every segment. 

Achieving that visibility can happen when operators and service providers explore performance optimized SDN challenges and trends, digging deeply into this topic to answer questions like:

  • What options are available to gain unified, ubiquitous performance assurance with an “instrumentation layer” that seamlessly interoperates and enhances their existing infrastructure?
  • What techniques should we use for dynamic performance optimization (DPO) to create an autonomous, self-optimizing fabric that uses state of the network as an input to SDN controllers?
  • What new virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE) approaches are appropriate to bring standards-based performance assurance to all corners of our network?
  • How can customer-defined cloud services deliver higher revenue with dynamically assured SLAs?
  • What key elements are needed for successful migration to SDN networks that also help existing networks maintain best-possible QoS?
  • What options are available for deploying programmable performance assurance and element management automation that openly integrates with existing network management, performance reporting, SDN control and other applications?
  • How do we choose appropriate tools or large-scale, network-wide performance monitoring (PM) without having to install dedicated test hardware at all locations?
For insight into answering these questions, see:
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