Data Usage Straining Mobile Networks: How Big Is the Problem?

Posted by Mae Kowalke on Monday, March 16, 2015 with No comments

It's hardly a secret that increasing data usage on smartphones and other portable devices is straining the capacity of mobile networks. There's a general sense that without major upgrades to mobile infrastructure, data demand will soon lead to very noticeable QoS and QoE problems--if it isn't already.

A new survey of 27,000 wireless customers by J.D. Power puts some specific numbers to that assertion, reports RCR Wireless News. During the second half of 2014, the firm took a close look at data-related errors in the U.S.--specifically the incidence of 10 issues: dropped calls, lost calls, unconnected calls, audio quality, failed/late voicemails, failed text messages, late text message notifications, slow downloads, web connection errors, and email connection errors. 

The report found:

  • More issues with mobile broadband devices (PC cards, hot spots) compared with smartphones
  • More email connection errors on tablets than on phones
  • More mobile web connection problems on phones than on broadband devices
  • Tablet customers are more likely to switch providers because of connectivity issues

These and other results from the survey confirm that carriers with faster and more reliable connections are likely to have a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to retaining cellular tablet owners. 

So what's the solution? Drop your comments below. 
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